On the Road For Agriculture

Our Farm Broadcasters log thousands of miles each year covering the major agricultural meetings of Nebraska, the Midwest and the Nation. Seminars, educational and entertainment events are all included in the mix. Agricultural producers are interested in hearing details.

On the Road brought to you by:

-Harvest Breaks delivered to
 West Point
 Turin, IA 
-Smeal Remote, Snyder
-West Point FFA Alumni Grain Drive, WP
-GrainIQ podcast planning meeting, NIC Lincoln

– Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island
– Fridays in the Field update, Pender & Walthill

 – Fridays in the Field video, Pender
– Stanton County Fair, Stanton
– North 40 Farmers Open, Pender
– Soybean Mgt Field Days, Concord
– Soybean Mgt Field Days, ENREC near Mead
– Farmers Pride Cooperative, Battle Creek
– Cuming County Fair Parade, West Point
– Thunder by the River tractor pull, Wisner
– Cattlemen’s Ball meeting, Pender
– West Point Livestock BBQ sale, West Point
– CVA ACS Plot Tour, Norfolk
– Dairy Summit, Osmund
– Pro Farmer Crop Tour event, Nebraska City

– Dixon County Fair, Concord
– Platte County Fair, Columbus
– Burt County Fair, Oakland
– Saunders County Fair, Wahoo
– Wayne County Fair, Wayne
– Washington County Fair, Arlington
 – Cuming County Tractor Ride, Wisner, Pender, Bancroft, Beemer 

– World Pork Expo, Des Moines, IA 
– Cream of the Crop Dairy Show, West Point
– Fridays in the Field taping, Pender
– Hefty Seed Co field tour, West Point
– Alliance for the Future of Ag in NE update meeting, Norfolk 

-USDA Undersecretary, Farm & Conservation, Robert Bonnie in West Point
-Fridays in the Field taping with Jeff Baker in Macy
-GrainIQ podcast taping, Lincoln
-Spring Breaks delivered to:
Duane Throener, West Point
Greta Kraemer, Allen
Josh Kriete, Herman
Dexter VonEssen, Oakland


-Elkhorn Valley Cattlemen banquet (emcee), Stanton
-Legacy Beef Coop meeting, West Point
-Valmont/Valley Irrigation Ag Tech event, Omaha
-GrainIQ podcast recording, Lincoln
-USDA Rural Development tour – USDA-RD Under-Secretary Xochitl
-Sapp Brothers open house, West Point
-Cattlemen’s Ball committee meeting, Pender
-West Point FFA Banquet, West Point
-IANR Listening tour, Columbus
-Spring Break delivery to Valparaiso

– Triumph of Ag Expo, Omaha
– GrainIQ podcast recording, Omaha
– Farmers Pride Cooperative annual meeting, Norfolk
– Farmers Cooperative annual meeting, Winside
– West Point Ag Appreciation dinner, West Point
– Forum on nitrates in groundwater, Norfolk
– Cuming County Cow/Calf Assoc meeting, West Point
– Gov. Pillen at Oak Barn Beef, West Point
– South American beef producers tour Cuming County
– CRP informational meeting, Dakota City
– Cuming County Feeders banquet, West Point
– Central Plains Dairy Expo, Sioux Falls SD
– 95th Nebraska State FFA Convention, Lincoln

-Iowa Ag Expo, Des Moines
-NE Pork Producers Assoc regional meeting, West Point
-US Custom Harvesters annual convention, Omaha
-NE Extension USDA Farm Program webinar on ARC & PLC
-Burt County Cattlemen membership meeting, Oakland
-Beef Feedlot Roundtable, West Point
-Platte Valley Cattlemen annual banquet, Humphrey
-West Point Chamber Partners in Progress banquet, West Point
-Cuming County Feeders membership meeting, Beemer
-NE Extension Ag Land Mgt meeting, Lyons
-NE State Dairy Convention, Columbus (emcee evening banquet)
-NE Extension Soybean Gall Midge webinar

-Washington Co Cattlemen mtg, Blair
-Dakota Farm Show, Vermillion SD
-NE Extension Crop Production Clinic, Norfolk
-York Ag Expo, York
-Oak Barn Beef Chamber Coffee, West Point
-ISU Extension Crop Advantage Series, LeMars IA
-Iowa Pork Congress, Des Moines
-Fremont Corn Expo, Fremont
-Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year presentation, Schuyler
-Iowa Corn Growers’ Crop Fair, Missouri Valley, IA
-Iowa Ag Expo, Des Moines

-CHS Cooperative annual meeting, Minneapolis MN
– NE Ag Expo, Lincoln
– NE Soy Day & Machinery Expo, Wahoo
– RRN Friday Feeders segment featuring Saunders Co Livestock w/ Dan
– ISU Extension Pasture, Forage & Drought meeting, LeMars, IA
– NE Extension Land Management meeting, West Point

-Cover Crop Conference, ENREEC near Mead
-Husker Football/NE State Dairy Association tailgate, Lincoln
-Precision Ag Roundtable w/ Sen. Deb Fischer, NECC, Norfolk
-Cuming County Feeders cattle market outlook meeting, West Point
-Feedlot Innovation Center groundbreaking, ENREEC near Mead
-ABA National Ag Banking Conference, Omaha
-Election Coverage on November 8th
-Friday Feeders with Jordan Feller, Wisner
-The Future of the Dodge Auditorium meetings, Dodge
-National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual convention, Kansas
City, MO

-Harvest Break deliveries, including trips to Missouri Valley IA,
Hoskins, Craig, Blair, and Richland
-Help in distributing Halloween treats to businesses in Pender and Wisner

-Fridays in the Field, Bob Larson, Creston
-Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island
-National Pork Board webinar on grocery and food service trends
-Ne Extension webinar on the Inflation Reduction Act and impact to farmers
-Harvest Break to Loren Wiese, Howells

-North 40 Farmers Open, Pender
-Fridays in the Field recording with Bob Larson, Creston
-Ag & Science Family Field Day, Haskell Ag Lab, Concord
-Soybean Management Field Days, Brownville & Decatur
-Cuming County Fair, West Point
-Record GrainIQ podcasts at NE Innovation Campus, Lincoln
-Central Valley Ag ACS Innovation Plot day, Norfolk
-West Point FFA Alumni & Supporters meeting, West Point
-Pro Farmer Crop Tour, Nebraska City
-Hefty Seed Co kickoff meeting, West Point

-Dixon County Fair remote, Concord
-Ward Labs field day, Winside
-Corteva/Pioneer Media Day, Johnston IA
-Burt County Fair, Oakland
-Cuming County Heritage Tractor Ride, Wisner
-Saunders County Soybean Growers summer meeting, Yutan
-NE Pork Expo, York
-Kit Held Seed & Chemical Customer appreciation supper
-Nat’l Grain & Feed Assoc. Convey’22 event, Omaha
-West Point FFA Alumni & Supports re-organizational meeting, West Point

-Cream of the Crop Dairy Show, West Point
-World Pork Expo, Des Moines IA
-Clarkson Rodeo, Clarkson
-Grand Opening of the Hog Yard, West Point
-Platte Valley Cattlemen Summer tour, Richland to Leigh
-Hefty Seed Co. field tours, Pender & Bancroft
-Presentation by Cattler (new feedlot software company), Wisner
-Fridays in the Field at Bob Larson farm, Creston
-AFAN/NSDA golf event, Beemer
-Wisner Jr Livestock Show/Lions Club Rodeo, Wisner
-Special Election night coverage – Mike Flood, Norfolk
-ISU Extension Field Day on corn rootworm/prairie strips, Lewis IA

– West Point – Beemer High School Academic Banquet, West Point
-Spring Break, Justin Miller, Bancroft
-Spring Break, Paul Coufal, Howells
-Film Fridays in the Field, Bob Larson, Creston NE
-West Point – Beemer HS Athletic Banquet, West Point
-Spring Break, Joe Johnson, Craig
-Spring Break, Mike Murren, Colon NE
-Spring Break, Greg Petersen, Herman NE

– NE FFA Convention, Lincoln
– Cuming County Feeders Banquet, Wisner
– Northeast Community College Ag Facilities ribbon cutting, Norfolk
– Ag Career Day, Haskell Ag Lab, Concord
– Katie Mace/Milken Educator Award presentation, Lyons

– Triumph of Ag Expo, Omaha
– Manure Management/Pesticide Education wksp, West Point
– Hart Parr/Oliver Collectors Assoc. winter meeting, Norfolk
– NE Extension Cattle Risk Mgt workshop, West Point
– Silage for Beef Cattle conference, ENREC near Mead
– WP Chamber Coffee/Philadelphia Room, West Point
– Cuming Co Farm Bureau Ag Career Day/Cuming Co Ag Appreciation Dinner,
West Point
– Ethanol Emerging Issues Forum, LaVista
– Central Plains Dairy Expo, Sioux Falls SD

– Iowa Ag Expo, Des Moines, IA
– Cuming County Feeders membership night, Beemer
– NE Pork Producers Secure Pork Supply meeting, West Point
– NE Extension manure management meeting, West Point
– Lower Elkhorn NRD Maple Creek Watershed open house, Howells
– NE On Farm Research Network meeting, Norfolk
– NE State Dairy Convention, Columbus
– Beef Feedlot Roundtable, West Point

-Dakota Farm Show, Vermilion SD
-UNL Crop Production Clinic, Norfolk
-Platte Valley Cattlemen mtg, Columbus
-NE Corn Growers/NE Soybean Assoc meetings, Lincoln
-Nebraska Innovation Campus, Lincoln
-Nebraska Agri-Business Assoc Expo, LaVista
-Central Valley Ag winter grain marketing meeting, Oakland
-2i Conference, West Point
-ISU Crop Advantage Series, Denison IA
-Saunders County Livestock Feeders banquet, Wahoo

– NE Farmers Union virtual Convention
– Nebraska Ag Expo, Lincoln
– NE Extension Land Management meeting, Wayne
– NE Soybean Day & Machinery Expo, Wahoo

– NE Farm Bureau, Lincoln
– NE Dept of Transportation mtg, North Bend
– Cuming Co Farm Bureau annual meeting, Beemer
– NE Extension Dean & Director roundtable, West Point
– NE Extension ’22 crop inputs workshop, ENREC near Mead
– National Assoc. of Farm Broadcasting, Kansas City MO
– Central Valley Ag annual meeting, York
– Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska annual meeting, Lincoln
– WP Travel Plaza customer appreciation, West Point

– NE Pork Producers – Secure Pork Supply meeting, West Point
– St. Paul Lutheran Church 150th Anniversary celebration, West Point
– NE Gubernatorial candidates J.Pillen and C.W.Herbster, West Point
– Harvest Breaks delivered
         + Lori Paprocki, Clarkson
         + Adam Guenther, West Point
         + Ross Wagner, Cornlea
         + Rick Roeber, Pender
         + Dave Ulrich, Lyons

-A-FAN young producer roundtable, NECC Norfolk
– UNL CAP webinar on winter cow care agreements
– Pioneer Days, Norfolk
– Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island
– Northeast NE Corn Growers “Growing Ag Potential” and plot night,
– Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island
– West Point Car Show, West Point
– Cuming Co. Farm Bureau meeting, Beemer
– Dodge Co. Farm Bureau meeting, Hooper
– Harvest Break promotion – 1st meal delivered to Jim Group, Louisville