840 KTIC / 98.3 FM / 98.7 FM On-Air

You can enjoy KTIC Radio on AM 840. You can also listen to KTIC 24-hours a day on  FM 98.3 in the West Point area. Norfolk listeners can hear KTIC 24-hours a day on FM 98.7.

You can always hear KTIC by streaming the audio from our website, kticradio.com, also on our free App or through Alexa.

Weekday Programs
The KTIC Morning News  6 AM to 9 AM

Kevin Cooper hosts “The Morning News”— Mid-America’s FIRST Update of  Weather, Agriculture, Markets, News local Sports and Events, weekday morning from 6 to 9.

 At the top of each hour, hear world coverage from CBS Radio News followed by local News headlines from KTIC anchor J.D. Gibbs. J.D. also  updates local news at the bottom of every hour, 6 to 9.  

Depend on KTIC Farm Director  Chad Moyer’s award-winning coverage of agriculture.. along with Rural Radio Network market updates and ag news. 

Joel Janecek gives you the very latest in local and national Sports coverage. Joel focuses on area
high schools and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Hear weather you can depend on through the morning, especially with our 7-Day Weather Forecast at 7- minutes and 37-minutes past each hour.

You’ll also hear Classic Country songs from artists like George Strait, Alabama and many more of your favorites mixed in with the morning information you need. 

KTIC is your “Red, White and Blue Radio Station”, as we play the “Star-Spangled Banner” Monday through Friday mornings at 7:29. 

At 7:59AM, special guests and listeners recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” on-the-air. 

You can play “Monogram Money” Monday through Friday mornings at  8:40.  Your initials or “Monogram,” could mean cash for YOU! 

The KTIC Mid-Day Show’  9AM to 1:30PM  

From 9am to 11am, Joel Janecek  keeps you updated on northeast Nebraska Weather, News, Agri-business  and Sports. Chad Moyer and Kevin Cooper update all of the KTIC information  that you depend on. 

CBS Radio News covers the world at the top of each hour. Joel also play’s Classic Country’ music in between information segments. Then at 11AM, J.D Gibbs hosts “Mid-Day in Mid-America.” It’s a blend of News, Weather, Agriculture News and features that is perfect for your work-day.

 “The KTIC Afternoon Show” 1:30 PM to 5  

Chris Recker hosts  “The Afternoon Roundup”, weekdays from 1:30 to 5PM.   

Hear all-important closing market information  along with news, “7-Day Weather” and Sports .

Along with all of the information, Chris brightens up your day with music from Garth Brooks, Alabama, Tim McGraw, the Oak Ridge Boys  more of your favorite artists. 

KTIC Farm Director Chad Moyer and the Rural Radio Network anchors bring you the all-important Closing Markets each afternoon.

“KTIC” Classic Country”  98/3 FM and 98.7FM’ All Night

 Weeknights, you can hear more Classic Country music along with hourly News and Weather Updates.   In West Point, listen to 98.3FM…and in Norfolk, check out 98.7FM.   You can also hear KTIC on our website, kticradio.com or on our FREE App!  

KTIC is excited to bring you selected Nebraska Cornhusker Volleyball matches.  Most NU weeknight matches will be carried on KTIC 98/3 and 98.7FM..so, “GO, Big Red!”

“Weekends are BETTER with KTIC!”

 KTIC “Classic Country Saturday”

 Hear even MORE music during “KTIC’s Classic Country Saturday!”

Along with hourly CBS Radio News updates, you’ll hear local information and weather through the day.  

KTIC plays songs from Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Johnny Cash and more Country super-stars all day. But– we also keep you updated on local News, Weather, Agriculture and Sports.

KTIC will continue carrying Nebraska Cornhusker Football. Hear “Big Red” Saturday games on AM 840 and on Classic Country 98.3FM /98.7FM.

KTIC – “Sundays are Special”!

KTIC updates you with CBS Radio News and local weather on Sundays. 

Sunday mornings offers programming of faith, such as “The Gaither Homecoming” from 7AM until 8. This is an hour of gospels and Christian songs,  mixed  with good, clean  family fun! 

Hear Pastor Aaron Trimble and “Walk in the Light”, originating from West Point. Hear it Sundays at 8:30AM.

KTIC has religious music and programs until 12 Noon 

From 12 Noon until 2PM, hear “Classic Country” music, CBS News updates and local weather.

From 2PM until 4 on Sundays “It’s Polka Time!”

This is a legendary show which features your favorite Polka songs—beloved by northeast Nebraskans and people everywhere.

Then, hear a mix of Country and Western music with some down-home  conversation during “Cowboy Corner” from 4PM  to 5PM. 

“Weekends are BETTER with KTIC!”

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