Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull. Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address, the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from. Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries sponsored by Don Peterson & Associates
Friday, December 3rd
  • Happy birthday Natalie Johnson from your Charter West family
  • Happy birthday Juliann Haase love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy 1st birthday Lynden love Mom & Dad
  • Happy 1st birthday Lynden love Grandpa & Grandma
  • Happy birthday Big Lar from the most satisfied one
  • Happy birthday Dad love Carsten, Sarah, Hayden, Alie
Saturday, December 4th
  • Happy birthday Rudy love Tammi & Hunter
  • Happy 2nd birthday Noel Nolting love Dad, Mom, Brooklyn, Payton & Emelia
  • Happy birthday Grandma Cindy Hugo love Victor, Anna, Julia, Jack, Sawyer, Norah, George, Claire, Daxton & Henry
  • Happy birthday Rudy from Brian & Betty
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Riley & Hailey
  • Happy anniversary Brian & Ruth love Mom, Dad, Steve, Stacy, Laura, Kirby & Deana
  • Happy anniversary Brian & Ruth love Chase, Melanie & Brielle
Sunday, December 5th
  • Happy birthday Meg Anderson love your family
Monday, December 6th
  • None
Tuesday, December 7th
  • Happy birthday Megan love Dad & Mom
  • Happy birthday Dan Poppe love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Betty Mandel love Brian
Wednesday, December 8th
  • None
Thursday, December 9th
  • Happy birthday Deanne love Bruce, Tate, Emily, Addison & Mason
Friday, December 10th
  • Happy birthday Aunt Katrina Hegemann love Gavin & Brooklyn
  • Happy birthday Boden love Mom, Dad, Brody & Kamden
  • Happy birthday Boden Dobins from everyone at KTIC & BULL
Saturday, December 11th
  • Happy birthday Becky love Dad & Mom
Sunday, December 12th
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love your nuggets: Addie, Maycie & Chloe
  • Happy 12th years Derek love Molly
Monday, December 13th
  • None
Tuesday, December 14th
  • Happy birthday Buddy, Jackson Hugo, love Aunt Barn & Allee
Wednesday, December 15th
  • Happy birthday Tim Petersen love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Maycie Sue love Mom, Dad, Addie & Chloe
  • Happy birthday Maycie love Grandma & Papa
  • Happy birthday Kent Aurich from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy anniversary Willy & Kim Anderson love your family
Thursday, December 16th
  • Happy anniversary Kyle & Rick Grovijohn love the Anderson’s Pojar’s and Throener’s
  • Happy anniversary Jason & Bobbi Pojar love your family
Friday, December 17th
  • Happy birthday Jeff Axtell from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, December 18th
  • None
Sunday, December 19th
  • None
Monday, December 20th
  • Happy birthday Jill Tietz from your Charter West family
  • Happy birthday Brody love Mom, Dad, Brody & Kamden
  • Happy birthday Brody Peterson from everyone at KTIC & BULL
Tuesday, December 21st
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Brynn Dorothy
  • Happy birthday Breanna love Mitch
  • Happy birthday Breanna Nissen from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Wednesday, December 22nd
  • Happy birthday Roger Kingsley love Mom & Dad Poppe
Thursday, December 23rd
  • None
Friday, December 24th
  • Happy anniversary Sheila & Tony from Judy Godel
Saturday, December 25th
  • Happy birthday Chris love Patti
  • Happy birthday Dad love Cody, Emily, Hudson, Jacob & Alex
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Chris love Hudson
Sunday, December 26th
  • None
Monday, December 27th
  • Happy birthday Brooks Larson love Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Poppe
  • Happy birthday Grayson love Dad, Mom, Isabella, Logan, Alexander & Gabriella
  • Happy birthday Grayson Gage from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Tuesday, December 28th
  • None
Wednesday, December 29th
  • Happy anniversary Mommy & Daddy love Brynn
  • Happy anniversary Mitchell & Breanna Nissen from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Thursday, December 30th
  • Happy birthday Jennings from Andrew
  • Happy birthday Andrew from Jennings
Friday, December 31st
  • None
Saturday, January 1st
  • Happy birthday Logan Wendland love Grammy & Grampy
Sunday, January 2nd
  • None
Monday, January 3rd
  • None
Tuesday, January 4th
  • None
Wednesday, January 5th
  • None
Thursday, January 6th
  • None
Friday, January 7th
  • Happy anniversary Pam & Jeff Petersen love Grammy & Grampy
Saturday, January 8th
  • None
Sunday, January 9th
  • Happy birthday Alexandra Linder love Grammy & Grampy
Monday, January 10th
  • None
Tuesday, January 11th
  • None
Wednesday, January 12th
  • None
Thursday, January 13th
  • None
Friday, January 14th
  • None
Saturday, January 15th
  • None
Sunday, January 16th
  • None
Monday, January 17th
  • Happy birthday Ty Kaup love Mom, Monte, Abby & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Ty Kaup love Grandma Linda
Tuesday, January 18th
  • None
Wednesday, January 19th
  • None
Thursday, January 20th
  • None
Friday, January 21st
  • None
Saturday, January 22nd
  • None
Sunday, January 23rd
  • None
Monday, January 24th
  • None
Tuesday, January 25th
  • Happy birthday Jacie love Darrin
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Ike & Tripp
  • Happy birthday Jacie love Mom, Dad, Keyden & Kyler
  • Happy birthday Jacie love Kyle, Pam, Justin & Chase
  • Happy birthday Jacie love Grandpa Bernard, Grandpa Throener & the rest of the family
Wednesday, January 26th
  • None
Thursday, January 27th
  • None
Friday, January 28th
  • None
Saturday, January 29th
  • Happy 6th birthday Braxton love Mom, Dad & Haeden
Sunday, January 30th
  • None
Monday, January 31st
  • None
Tuesday, February 1st
  • None
Wednesday, February 2nd
  • None
Thursday, February 3rd
  • None
Friday, February 4th
  • None
Saturday, February 5th
  • None
Sunday, February 6th
  • None
Monday, February 7th
  • None
Tuesday, February 8th
  • None
Wednesday, February 9th
  • None
Thursday, February 10th
  • None
Friday, February 11th
  • None
Saturday, February 12th
  • None
Sunday, February 13th
  • None
Monday, February 14th
  • None
Tuesday, February 15th
  • None
Wednesday, February 16th
  • None
Thursday, February 17th
  • None
Friday, February 18th
  • None
Saturday, February 19th
  • None
Sunday, February 20th
  • None
Monday, February 21st
  • None
Tuesday, February 22nd
  • None
Wednesday, February 23rd
  • None
Thursday, February 24th
  • None
Friday, February 25th
  • None
Saturday, February 26th
  • None
Sunday, February 27th
  • None
Monday, February 28th
  • None
Tuesday, March 1st
  • None