Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull. Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address, the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from. Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries sponsored by Don Peterson & Associates
Monday, July 26th
  • Happy anniversary Jody love Becky
  • Happy anniversary Bob Klitz love Deb
  • Happy anniversary Grandma & Grandpa Klitz love Sophia, Cooper, Hayden & Carleigh
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Steve, Lindsey, Dustin & Noelle
Tuesday, July 27th
  • Happy Birthday Lori Heller love Mom
Wednesday, July 28th
  • Happy 20th birthday Hunter love Mom & Rudy
Thursday, July 29th
  • Happy birthday Maverick from your longtime karaoke friends
  • Happy 65th anniversary Mom & Dad love Jeff & Regan
Friday, July 30th
  • None
Saturday, July 31st
  • Happy birthday Marysa Moseman, love you, Dad, Mom & Colton
Sunday, August 1st
  • Happy 3rd birthday Jaxson Carr love Papa Bruce & Grandma Sue
  • Happy birthday Susan Penke from Kelly, Bob, Ashley, Alex & Austin
  • Happy anniversary Matt & Tracy Krusemark from Stan & Sara
Monday, August 2nd
  • Happy birthday Shaila Schulz from your Charter West family
Tuesday, August 3rd
  • Happy birthday Mom love Isaac, Bentley, Lucas & Ruger
Wednesday, August 4th
  • Happy birthday Andrea Frerichs from Stan & Sara
  • Happy birthday Taylor love Ki, Wade, Lisa, Saige, Wyatt, Karen, Deb & Allen
Thursday, August 5th
  • Happy 80th birthday Great-Grandma Sandra love Jason, Ashley, Kendrick & Aunali
  • Happy birthday Uncle Adrian love Kendrick & Aunali
  • Happy 1st birthday Cambrynn love Grandma & Grandpa Schwartz
Friday, August 6th
  • Happy birthday Chyanne Krause from your Charter West family
Saturday, August 7th
  • None
Sunday, August 8th
  • Happy birthday Myrt Novotny from Judy Godel
Monday, August 9th
  • None
Tuesday, August 10th
  • Happy 5th birthday Reid Carr love Papa Bruce & Grandma Sue
Wednesday, August 11th
  • Happy birthday Uncle Alex love Kendrick & Aunali
Thursday, August 12th
  • Happy birthday Karen from Susan & Dean, JW, Shelly & Shane and John & Dawn
  • Happy birthday Great-Grandma from Jazlyn, Emersyn, Lennon & Conrad
  • Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad from Cindy & Kevin and Kathy & Chris
  • Happy anniversary Grandpa Ted & Grandma Doris from Alex, Katelyn, Austin, Taylor & Danielle
Friday, August 13th
  • None
Saturday, August 14th
  • Happy birthday Kay Raabe from Stan Groth
Sunday, August 15th
  • None
Monday, August 16th
  • None
Tuesday, August 17th
  • Happy birthday Sophia Stumpe love Dustin, Noelle, Cooper & Carleigh
  • Happy birthday Sophia Stumpe love Grandma & Grandpa
Wednesday, August 18th
  • Happy anniversary Aaron & Ashley Marks love Grammy & Grampy
Thursday, August 19th
  • None
Friday, August 20th
  • None
Saturday, August 21st
  • None
Sunday, August 22nd
  • None
Monday, August 23rd
  • Happy birthday Grandma Kathy love Alexis & Ryan
Tuesday, August 24th
  • Happy birthday Anna Hugo, we love you Peanut, Aunt Barb & Allee
  • Happy anniversary Logan & Cassidy Wendland love Grammy & Grampy
Wednesday, August 25th
  • Happy birthday Lane love Mom, Dad, Mason & Alice
  • Happy birthday Dad love Layne & Audra
  • Happy birthday Dwaine Hedell from your friends
Thursday, August 26th
  • None
Friday, August 27th
  • None
Saturday, August 28th
  • None
Sunday, August 29th
  • Happy 25th birthday Alex Steffensemeier from Dad, Mom, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor
Monday, August 30th
  • Happy birthday Alex Norton love Jamie
  • Happy birthday Duane love Jenny
  • Happy birthday Dad love Jacie, Darrin, Keyden & Kyler
  • Happy birthday Grandpa love Ike & Tripp
  • Happy birthday Duane love Dad, Randy & Beth and Mark & Karen
  • Happy birthday Duane love all your nieces, nephews and their families
Tuesday, August 31st
  • Happy 4th birthday Alaina Kreikemeier love Mommy, Daddy, Olivia, Ruby & Lucy
Wednesday, September 1st
  • Happy birthday Robin Yosten from your Charter West family
Thursday, September 2nd
  • Happy birthday Grandma Lisa love Kendrick & Aunali
Friday, September 3rd
  • Happy birthday Juneau Nestander love Papa Bruce & Grandma Sue
  • Happy birthday Joyce Heller from Judy Godel
Saturday, September 4th
  • None
Sunday, September 5th
  • None
Monday, September 6th
  • None
Tuesday, September 7th
  • Happy birthday Kevin love Cindy, Alex, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor
  • Happy anniversary Kevin Uhing love Lisa, Hunter, Parker, Whitney, Alex, Kade & Reid
Wednesday, September 8th
  • None
Thursday, September 9th
  • Happy 6th birthday Ruby Jean love Mommy, Daddy, Olivia, Alaina & Lucy
Friday, September 10th
  • Happy birthday Casey Moseman love Tony, Colton & Marysa
Saturday, September 11th
  • None
Sunday, September 12th
  • None
Monday, September 13th
  • Happy 2nd birthday Lucy Kreikemeier love Mommy, Daddy, Oliva, Ruby & Alaina
  • Happy birthday Papa Jeff love Kendrick & Aunali
  • Happy 90th birthday Milton Schwartz love all your children & grandchildren
Tuesday, September 14th
  • None
Wednesday, September 15th
  • None
Thursday, September 16th
  • None
Friday, September 17th
  • Happy 7th birthday Caleb Carr love Papa Bruce & Grandma Sue
Saturday, September 18th
  • None
Sunday, September 19th
  • None
Monday, September 20th
  • None
Tuesday, September 21st
  • Happy birthday Rhett love Dad, Mom & Dawsyn
  • Happy birthday Brantley love Grandma & Grandpa Schwartz
Wednesday, September 22nd
  • None
Thursday, September 23rd
  • None
Friday, September 24th
  • None
Saturday, September 25th
  • None
Sunday, September 26th
  • Happy birthday Aunt Aubrey love Kendrick & Aunali
  • Happy birthday Wyatt love Mom, Dad, Taylor, Ki, Saige, Wyatt, your Grandmas & your Grandpa
Monday, September 27th
  • None
Tuesday, September 28th
  • None
Wednesday, September 29th
  • None
Thursday, September 30th
  • None
Friday, October 1st
  • Happy birthday Juneau Nestander love Papa Bruce & Grandma Sue
  • Happy birthday Dallas Heckens from Judy Godel
Saturday, October 2nd
  • Happy birthday Taylor Petersen love Grammy & Grampy
Sunday, October 3rd
  • None
Monday, October 4th
  • None
Tuesday, October 5th
  • None
Wednesday, October 6th
  • Happy anniversary Tanner love Danielle
  • Happy anniversary Mommy & Daddy love Isaac, Ginger, Bentley, Chester, Lucas, Archer & Ruger
Thursday, October 7th
  • Happy birthday Marla Godel from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Krista Green love Grammy & Grampy
  • Happy birthday Kevin Larson from your Charter West family
Friday, October 8th
  • None
Saturday, October 9th
  • None
Sunday, October 10th
  • Happy anniversary Rod & Karen Hitz from Judy Godel
Monday, October 11th
  • None
Tuesday, October 12th
  • Happy birthday Amy Petersen love Terry & Nancy Petersen
Wednesday, October 13th
  • None
Thursday, October 14th
  • None
Friday, October 15th
  • None
Saturday, October 16th
  • Happy birthday Mark Svec from your Charter West family
  • Happy anniversary Mindi & Sean Linder love Mom & Dad
Sunday, October 17th
  • Happy birthday Wesley Green love Grammy & Grampy
Monday, October 18th
  • None
Tuesday, October 19th
  • Happy birthday Jan Lintner Fullner from Judy Godel
  • Happy 95th birthday Wilma Dopson from Judy Godel
Wednesday, October 20th
  • None
Thursday, October 21st
  • None
Friday, October 22nd
  • None
Saturday, October 23rd
  • None
Sunday, October 24th
  • None
Monday, October 25th
  • None
Tuesday, October 26th
  • None