Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull. Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address, the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from. Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries sponsored by Don Peterson & Associates
Thursday, June 20th
  • Friday, June 21st
  • Happy birthday Lisa from your friend Andrea
  • Happy 95th birthday Harry Persson from Randy, Shellie & family
  • Happy 95th birthday Grandpa Harry Persson love your fav granddaughter Sydney
  • Happy 95th birthday Grandpa Harry love your neighbor & grandson Jacob
  • Happy 95th birthday wishes Harry Persson- Dad, Grandpa & Great-grandpa love Kellee & Monte Pflueger, Kristina, Brian, Kiley, Mason & Marvin Richter, Katina, Brady, Keelee & Marley McCain, Colby Pflueger & Tatianna Davis
  • Happy 95th birthday Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa Harry Persson love Nadine, Robert, Daun, Jason, Caelyn, Brendan, Rob, Kelly, Michael, Alana and Gavin
  • Happy birthday Dad/Grandpa Harry Persson love Deb, Bob, Niki, Brooke, Ryan & Nate
  • Happy 95th birthday Harry Persson love Lisa & Pat
  • Happy birthday Dad/Grandpa & great grandpa love always Penny, Derek, Ashley, Beau, Kimber, Justin, Aspin, Haylee and Cayden
  • Happy birthday Pops love ya Kyle & Judy
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Harry love Nate your favorite grandson
  • Happy 95th birthday Harry Persson from Ilene, Taylor, Logan & Evan
  • Happy birthday Dad love Jennifer, Jamie, Jaxon, Jules & Jaden
  • Happy Anniversary Todd love Jen
Saturday, June 22nd
  • Happy birthday Uncle Paul love Jazlyn
  • Happy birthday Paul love Dad & Mom
  • Happy birthday Paul love Taylor
  • Happy birthday Daddy love Emersyn & Lennon
  • Happy birthday Paul love your girls
  • Happy 12th birthday Ben Gall love the Brabec family
Sunday, June 23rd
  • Happy 3rd birthday Lucas love Dad, Mom & Kinley
  • Happy 3rd birthday Lucas love Gram & Gramps
  • Happy birthday Lucas love your cousins Wesley, Stetson, Peyton & Merritt
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Merritt
  • Happy birthday Aunt Ashley love Wesley, Stetson, Peyton, Lucas & Kinley
  • Happy birthday Grandma Susan love Emersyn & Lennon
  • Happy Anniversary Dexter & Ashton love the VonEssen Farm Gang
Monday, June 24th
  • Happy birthday Kevin love Trina, Kiara, Seth & Brayden
  • Happy 18th birthday Adyson Luebbert love Mom, Dad & Jessa
  • Happy birthday Eva Wickert from the staff at Colonial Haven in Beemer
  • Happy birthday Anniebird McBride love Amy Lynn & Tyla
Tuesday, June 25th
  • Happy birthday Nila Onnan from your Neighbor Judy
  • Happy birthday April O’ Quinn from Uncle Mike & Aunt Kathy
Wednesday, June 26th
  • Happy Birthday Uncle Bob, Love Layne and Audra
  • Happy birthday Uncle Chase love Ike, Tripp & Hux
  • Happy birthday Chase love Jamie & Baby girl
  • Happy birthday Chase love Dad, Mom, Darrin, Jacie & Justin
  • Happy Anniversary Harvey love Laura
Thursday, June 27th
  • Happy birthday Caden Anderson love Mom, Ryan, Dylan & Keegan
  • Happy birthday Connie Wichman love Mom & the Larsen Crew
  • Happy birthday Angela Brainard from your fans at the Scribner Public Library
Friday, June 28th
  • Happy birthday Hayden Stumpe love Grandma & Grandpa
  • Happy 8th birthday Camden love Pepaw & Memaw
  • Happy birthday Rob Moseman from Elizabeth & Colton
  • Happy birthday Papa Mo love Jax & Kade
  • Happy birthday Kathy Heard love your girlfriends
Saturday, June 29th
  • Happy 24th birthday Paige love the entire Brabec family
  • Happiest 18th birthday wishes Lily Meiergerd love Mom, dad, Grace & Sylvia
Sunday, June 30th
  • Happy birthday Mike Haase from Monte, Missy, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy 24th birthday Seth from the entire Brabec Crew
  • Happy birthday Grandma Debbie Reppert love your grand girls Grace, Lily & Sylvia Meiergerd
  • Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy love Gracie & Deacon
  • Happy Anniversary Doug & Katie Anderson from everyone at KTIC & 107.9 the Bull
Monday, July 1st
  • Happy birthday Brooklyn Nolting love Dad, Mom, Payton, Emelia & Noel
  • Happy 24th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Bob love Kelly
Tuesday, July 2nd
  • Happy birthday Mike O’ Quinn from Michael & Kathy
  • Happy Anniversary Monte Haase love Missy
  • Happy Anniversary Dean love Susan
Wednesday, July 3rd
  • Happy birthday Chad love Alicia
  • Happy birthday Dad love your kids
  • Happy birthday Chad Moyer from everyone here at KTIC & 107.9 the Bull
Thursday, July 4th
  • Happy birthday to the lucky one Jodi love Chris
  • Happy birthday JoJo love Ryker, Brynleigh & Addi
  • Happy birthday Mom love Jazmine & Jade
  • Happy birthday Jodi Frye from everyone here at KTIC & 107.9 the Bull
  • Happy birthday to our favorite firecracker Devaney love Nick, Andrea, Trista, Trent, Tia & Tyden
Friday, July 5th
  • Happy birthday Grandma Jean Meiergerd from your grand girls Grace, Lily & Sylvia Meiergerd
Saturday, July 6th
  • Happy birthday Pa Moeller love Layne & Audra
Sunday, July 7th
  • None
Monday, July 8th
  • None
Tuesday, July 9th
  • Happy birthday Rod Hitz from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Uncle Tyson love Layne & Audra
Wednesday, July 10th
  • None
Thursday, July 11th
  • Happy birthday Matt Bruns from Penny, Brie & Jake
Friday, July 12th
  • Happy birthday Uncle Ronny love Wesley, Stetson, Peyton, Lucas, Kinley & Merritt
Saturday, July 13th
  • Happy birthday Dylan love Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Jerry
Sunday, July 14th
  • Happy birthday Crystal Penlarik from Mom & Dad
Monday, July 15th
  • Happy 1st birthday Madilynn love Dad, Mom & Lillian
  • Happy birthday Audra love Mom, Dad & Layne
Tuesday, July 16th
  • Happy birthday Craig Hunke from Mel & Wilma French & all the French families
  • Happy birthday Craig Hunke from the Grands Adelyn, Myla, Reece & Bodhi
  • Happy birthday Grandma Linda Belsky from your 5 amazing granddaughters Adalia, Kinzie, Ashtyn, Kaidence & Allison
  • Happy birthday Jaxon Lopez love Mom
  • Happy 70th birthday Linda Belsky love Kevin, Trina, Kiara, Seth & Brayden
  • Happy birthday Grandma Linda love Zach, Kylie, Adalia, Ashtyn, & Allison
Wednesday, July 17th
  • None
Thursday, July 18th
  • Happy 8th birthday Isla Johnson love Mommy, Daddy & Brother we adore you baby girl
Friday, July 19th
  • None
Saturday, July 20th
  • Happy birthday Taylor love Mom, Dad & Julie
Sunday, July 21st
  • Happy birthday Matt Brester love Dad, Mom, Mitchell & Kelly
  • Happy birthday Uncle Matt love Kambree
Monday, July 22nd
  • Happy birthday Mark Smith from Colton & Elizabeth
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Smith love Jax & Kade
Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Happy birthday Jazlyn love Gpa Dean & Gma Susan
Wednesday, July 24th
  • None
Thursday, July 25th
  • Happy Anniversary Rob & Anne Moseman from Elizabeth & Colton
  • Happy Anniversary Nana & Papa Mo love Jax & Kade
Friday, July 26th
  • None
Saturday, July 27th
  • none
Sunday, July 28th
  • None
Monday, July 29th
  • Happy birthday Maverick from your karaoke buddies
Tuesday, July 30th
  • None
Wednesday, July 31st
  • None
Thursday, Aug 1st
  • None
Friday, Aug 2nd
  • None
Saturday, Aug 3rd
  • none
Sunday, Aug 4th
  • None
Monday, Aug 5th
  • Happy Anniversary Mark & Michelle Smith from Colton & Elizabeth
  • Happy Anniversary Granny & Grandpa Smith love Jax & Kade
Tuesday, Aug 6th
  • None
Wednesday, Aug 7th
  • None
Thursday, Aug 8th
  • None