Extreme drought causes tight hay supply in Nebraska | 2023 Fridays in the Field | Ep. 5

June 2nd, 2023

Extreme drought has made for a tight hay supply, and SR Farms Alfalfa Company in southwest Nebraska is doing everything they can to get quality hay to customers.

SR Farms is a family owned and operated business nestled in the Beaver Valley near Wilsonville.

Owner Steve Rice said he strives to produce high quality alfalfa for all varieties of livestock. The family has been involved in agriculture in Furnas County for 150 years.

Rice said he’s been heavily involved in the cattle industry, having had a family feedlot until 1995, then moving into forage and row crop production, and fully committing in 2000 to strictly forage.

Rice shares more about his transportation logistics and customer deliveries. He said they will further continue the 28 day cycle after their first cutting of forage throughout the summer.