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Why Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising is an effective tool for reaching consumers in today’s media landscape. Extensive research by the Radio Advertising Bureau reveals a robust weekly audience of radio listeners.

Who’s Listening?

Over 92 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners. Among 12- to 17-year-olds, who are perceived as not listening to the radio, nearly 90 percent listen weekly.

Where Do They Listen?

The majority of radio listening occurs in cars, with 73 percent of adults age 18 and up listening while driving on a typical weekday. The second most popular location for listening is at home. Followed closely by at-work listening.

Why KBEAR 92.3 FM?

Advertising on our station can help your business do more business! It’s really quite simple – the more people you invite to do business with you, the more potential customers you’ll attract. We’re in business to help you do more business with the largest coverage area of any station in the area!

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