IANR celebrated 50 years of honoring Nebraska’s agriculture economy

Nebraska’s very own Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources celebrated 50 years of hard work and dedication to commemorate Nebraska’s number one industry: agriculture. 

Mike Boehm, the Harlan vice chancellor for the institute and vice president of agriculture and natural resources for the University of Nebraska system, said the institute was designed as a way to better integrate the university’s teaching and learning mission with its extension and research missions.

“We think about feeding, fueling, fibering a growing world, doing that in a way that’s mindful of our soils, our water, our land, our air, and doing it in a way that’s just wickedly focused on the people who produce our food, fuel, feed and fiber,” Boehm said.

In 1973, the institute emerged from within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, known as CASNR, which celebrated its 150-year anniversary last year.

The institute’s model focuses on addressing the importance of agriculture while elevating academic research and extensions.