DATE: 06/14/2024
ROUTE: Approximate starting location will run from 3rd & Grant Avenue north bound to willow
brook/hearthstone area (2600 N Lincoln Ave‐2714 N Lincoln Ave) with a turnaround safely is middle
section just past these two locations, to proceed back south bound to make loop around by hy‐tech (117
E 3rd St) to proceed to the same route stated above.
**Food Truck Vendors and Location** Please keep food trucks/trailers off main street roads in parking
lots as much as possible or in front of business in parking spaces 
World Plates: located at J & R Heating and Air (908 N Grant Ave, York, NE 68467)
Winfield Sweets N Eats: located @ Penner’s Tire (lot across the street from building to the east)
903 N Lincoln Ave, York NE 68467
Lemony Split: located @ Slack Auto‐Car Quest (north side of building) 817 N Lincoln Ave, York,
NE 68467
Billie’s Grilled Cheese: located @ Fastenal (921 N. Grant Ave, York NE 68467
I want to thank each and every one of you for taking time out in order to be a part of this fun summer
cruise night! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
If there is any questions, concerns, anything feel free to text me Heather: 402‐366‐8585


Jun 14 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm