Birthday Wish

To have a birthday announcement made click here to e-mail the information to KOOL Radio. Be sure to include the persons name; first and last, and address, the date of the birthday and who the greeting is from. Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Austin will announce the birthday wishes weekday mornings at 6:30am!

March 1st
  • Pat Pinney from your favorite sister
June 7th
  • Travis Young from your wife Jeana
June 10th
  • Stan, Marilyn and Carla from your family
June 11th
  • Everett Young from Mom Jeana
June 14th
  • KayLea Dowdy from Grandma
June 21st
  • Danae from Michaela, Andrew and Maggie Stuhr
June 25th
  • Sherri Adams from your grandsons Aiden, Korbin and Jetsan McIlravy
June 27th
  • Dylan Pohl from Mom
June 29th
  • Jim Johnston from his wife, Lori
July 1st
  • Trisha Rinke – Happy 40th from your kids Autumn, Caleb and Adrienne
July 3rd
  • Gary Hiebner from The Barr Family
  • Charlotte Schultz – We love you Charlotte! From Daddy, Mommy, Luke, Hazel and Clara
July 4th
  • Brittany Morgan from Joan
  • Zach Ottman from Mom
July 9th
  • Shawna Haynes from your loving parents Mike and Linda
July 14th
  • Lisa Sanders from Mona Lambert
July 21st
  • Sherry Stauffer’s son-in-law from your mother-in-law
July 26th
  • Ellie Shatto from Grandma Dawn
July 27th
  • Myrna Heins from Mona Lambert
September 1st
  • Kevin Stuhr from Deb and the family
November 5th
  • AJ Bower from your loving wife, Ashley
November 11th
  • Eva Young from Mom Jeana