Spring Break

How about taking a Spring Break with KTIC/107.9 The Bull, Strongfield Resources, Wagner Tire & Repair, Kaup Seed & Fertilizer, Weston’s Farm Repair, Beck’s Hybrids, Building Green Structures, Nebraska Lottery and AFAN, The alliance for the future of agriculture in Nebraska!

We want you to be safe, so take a spring break with KTIC! A KTIC announcer will bring you and up to 6 of your crew lunch in the field from SimmerDown!

Listen to KTIC 840/98.3/98.7 and 107.9 The Bull for your chance to win lunch with us!

Spring Break lunches are brought to you by these local sponsors and the staff at KTIC!

Think safety this planting season!!

Look who we are bringing lunch too!
Duane Throener of West Point
Bryand Woita of Valparaiso
Greta Kraemer of Allen
Josh Kriete of Herman
Dexter VonEssen of Oakland
Larry Hanzel of Humphrey