Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull. Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address, the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from. Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries sponsored by Don Peterson & Associates
Wednesday, July 24th
  • Happy 12th birthday Nora Jelinek love Grandpa Marv
  • Happy birthday Auntie Sarah Besmer from Lillian & the boys
  • Happy Anniversary Jerry & Cindy Hugo love Nick, Katie, Anna, Jackson, Norah, Claire & Henry
Thursday, July 25th
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Weitzenkamp from Bodie
  • Happy birthday Tab Weitzenkamp from Emily, Conor, Tyler, Morgan, Ellie, & Trevor
  • Happy Anniversary Rob & Anne Moseman from Elizabeth & Colton
  • Happy Anniversary Nana & Papa Mo love Jax & Kade
Friday, July 26th
  • Happy birthday Pat from Ron & Carol
  • Happy Anniversary Bob & Deb Klitz love Lindsey, Steven, Dustin, Noelle, Sophia, Hayden, Carson, Cooper & Carleigh
Saturday, July 27th
  • Happy 11th birthday Rhett Tremayne love Mom, Dad, Ross, Reed & Ryan
Sunday, July 28th
  • Happy birthday Hunter Poland love Mom & Rudy
  • Happy birthday Caroline love Momma & Dadda
  • Happy birthday Shawn from Ron & Carol
Monday, July 29th
  • Happy birthday Maverick from your karaoke buddies
  • Happy 13th birthday Ryan Tremayne love Mom, Dad, Ross, Reed & Rhett
Tuesday, July 30th
  • Happy 15th birthday Mason Toelle love you love Grandma & Grandpa
  • Happy birthday Grandma Connie Paus love Jakson, Bailey, Brea & Becca
  • Happy birthday Connie Paus love Jeff & Bonnie
  • Happy birthday Nancy Daughtrey from your Cottonwood Chimes Neighbors
  • Happy birthday Starla from Ron & Carol
  • Happy birthday Cheyenne from Carol
Wednesday, July 31st
  • Happy birthday Cheryl Borgelt from Doug & Kelly
Thursday, Aug 1st
  • Happy birthday Carson Stumpe love Grandma & Grandpa
  • Happy birthday Brittney Beeks love your family
Friday, Aug 2nd
  • None
Saturday, Aug 3rd
  • none
Sunday, Aug 4th
  • None
Monday, Aug 5th
  • Happy birthday Ashtyn Ebeling from your older sister Adalia
  • Happy Anniversary Mark & Michelle Smith from Colton & Elizabeth
  • Happy Anniversary Granny & Grandpa Smith love Jax & Kade
Tuesday, Aug 6th
  • None
Wednesday, Aug 7th
  • None
Thursday, Aug 8th
  • None
Friday, Aug 9th
  • Happy birthday Brad from Laura & Charlie
Saturday, Aug 10th
  • Happy birthday Hux love Daddy, Mommy, Ike & Tripp
  • Happy birthday Hux love Grandpa, Grandma, Keyden & Kyler
  • Happy birthday Hux love Grandpa, Grandma, Justin, Chase, Jamie & Rynlee
Sunday, Aug 11th
  • None
Monday, Aug 12th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Susan & Dean; JW & Heather; Shelly & Shane; John & Dawn
  • Happy birthday Grandma Karen love your grandchildren
  • Happy birthday Great Grandma Peters love Jazlyn, Emersyn, Lennon, Conrad & Sara
Tuesday, Aug 13th
  • None
Wednesday, Aug 14th
  • Happy birthday Aunt Barb love Anna, Jackson, Norah, Claire & Henry & Nick & Katie too we love you
  • Happy birthday Bonnie love Nancy
Thursday, Aug 15th
  • None
Friday, Aug 16th
  • None
Saturday, Aug 17th
  • Happy birthday Sophia Stumpe love Grandma & Grandpa
Sunday, Aug 18th
  • Happy birthday Grandma Linda Baumert love Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Mom (Linda Baumert) love Missy & Monte
Monday, Aug 19th
  • None
Tuesday, Aug 20th
  • None
Wednesday, Aug 21st
  • Happy birthday to our favorite sister Beth Hunke love your 3 favorite sisters Christy, Jamie & Kari
  • Happy birthday Beth Hunke love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Beth Hunke love Mom & Dad French
  • Happy birthday Grandma (Beth Hunke) love Bodhi, Adelyn, Myla & Reece
Thursday, Aug 22nd
  • None
Friday, Aug 23rd
  • None
Saturday, Aug 24th
  • Happy birthday Anna love Grandma & Grandpa
  • Happy birthday Anna Hugo Love Mom, Dad, Jackson, Norah, Claire & Henry!
Sunday, Aug 25th
  • Happy 13th birthday Danielle Pieper from Alvin & Carolyn
  • Happy birthday Dad love Layne & Audra
Monday, Aug 26th
  • Happy half century birthday Daun Spangler love Dad & Mom
Tuesday, Aug 27th
  • Happy birthday Calvin Haase love Mom, Dad, Abby & Ty
  • Happy birthday Calvin Haase love Grandma Linda
Wednesday, Aug 28th
  • None
Thursday, Aug 29th
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Bruce love Sawyer, George, Daxton & Dylan
Friday, Aug 30th
  • Happy birthday Papa love Ike, Tripp & Hux
  • Happy birthday Duane love Jenny
  • Happy birthday Dad love Jacie, Darrin, Keyden & Kyler
Saturday, Aug 31st
  • none
Sunday, Sept 1st
  • None
Monday, Sept 2nd
  • None
Tuesday, Sept 3rd
  • None
Wednesday, Sept 4th
  • None
Thursday, Sept 5th
  • None