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It was a good market day with positive Ag markets.  Stock market wasn’t the best, Dow down.  Double digit increases in soybeans & Chicago/KC wheat.  Sue looks at the money leaving the stock market on rallies.  Money will find safety.  Ag could see a good return on their investment.  Packers are offering certain bids…but a bill in the house will focus on bottom prices for cattle to be purchased.  Will we see decreased numbers in next cold storage report?  Thoughts on the planting intentions report while looking at some new grain movement issues out of South America.



Turn around Tuesday.  Will it push into tomorrow?  Dow & dollar moved back higher.  Crude is also coming back Nothing exciting in the WASDE report.  More rains expected in South America.  Ethanol demand heading into summer & Coronavirus concerns.  Livestock market sees turnaround as well.  Hogs may have made a low on the June contract.


Grains drop again on the day.  Beans struggled to finish out the week. A Friday market feel that followed the stock market.  Is this going to be the trend going through the November election.  Movement of crops in South America.  Some talk of lower yields.  Livestock…Coronavirus and the cattle market.

Markets continue to narrow.  Grains trade lower on a Thursday.  Commitments are down 26% from a year ago on corn.  Will we be able to move forward?  Beans were able to test $9.00.  Coronavirus continues to raise issues, and avian bird flu continues to be an issue. More spreading from hogs to cattle.  Hogs might have seen a new low.  Markets right now importing into China causing problems.