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  • DC Court of appeals decision Dakota Access Pipeline-removing risk for farmers
  • Higher crop ratings…some ratings the highest in 10 years
  • Some export business for wheat out of Kansas City
  • Hogs see triple digit losses…roller coaster in general for the livestock
  • Break in product prices.
  • Cash for cattle sparce
  • Safety for workers
  • Fear factor continues to reign

  • Wheat market caught fire
  • China is rumored to be involved with the wheat, soybeans & maybe a bit of the corn
  • WHY isn’t corn getting excited about the sales to China
  • Weather in the U.S. & the Black Sea Region
  • Outlook for Brazil on corn & soybeans
  • COVID Vaccine might have helped to lift the cattle market
  • JBS & COVID concerns
  • Still have a lot of supplies


  • Weather is the primary factor and a bigger factor then reports on Friday
  • Some much-needed rain will hit fields…then watch out here comes the heat
  • June first to present the U.S. corn belt there were two years that were hotter ’88 & 2012.
  • Ethanol production continues to increase
  • Money and coronavirus…deaths per week are at a low
  • How will COVID continue to effect meat demand

  • Mother nature reminds folks of who’s in charge with the weather forecast
  • USMCA is official today
  • More perspective of yesterday’s report.
  • Shortened trade week with markets closing at noon on Thursday
  • Some heave short positions as you compare 2019->2020
  • Demand from China for corn & soybeans
  • Hog disease that has popped up on the news circuit
  • China blocking more countries from shipping meat


Name change for INTL FC Stone.  China & the growing corn deficit, Army worms-is that a concern for China.  Where are we at for Phase One with China…a lot of opposite information.  Progression of the winter wheat harvest.  How are drought areas dealing with harvest?  Early Russian harvest is better then expected.  Bayer has a deal with Round-Up & dicamba.  Hogs & Pigs report out on Thursday.  Update on African Swine Fever


NEW YORK, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — INTL FCStone Inc. (NASDAQ: INTL) (the “Company”), a leading provider of execution, post-trade settlement, clearing and custody services across asset classes and markets worldwide, today announced that it is rebranding the firm as StoneX Group Inc. (“StoneX”). The StoneX Group name was approved by an overwhelming majority at this morning’s shareholder meeting and effective July 6, 2020 the Company will be traded under the symbol SNEX.

The StoneX Group name and its trade name “StoneX” carries forward the foundation established by Saul Stone in 1924 to today’s modern financial services firm. Today, the StoneX Group provides an institutional-grade financial services ecosystem connecting its clients to 36 derivatives exchanges, 175 foreign exchange markets, nearly every global securities marketplace, and a number of bi-lateral liquidity venues via its network of highly integrated digital platforms and experienced professionals. Our platform delivers support throughout the entire lifecycle of a transaction, from consulting and boots-on-the-ground intelligence, efficient execution, to post-trade clearing, custody and settlement.

Sean O’Connor, CEO, commented on today’s news, “Our firm has experienced transformational growth in recent years – in terms of the breadth and depth of our offering, our technology platforms and our global client base. This re-brand will help us better define and communicate our strategic focus on driving innovation and digitalization in the global markets going forward.”

In 2003, the Company set out to become a leading provider of financial services with the mission to meet the needs of underserved clients in specialized markets. As larger investment banks derisked after the financial crisis by withdrawing from markets, raising their minimums, and narrowing their offerings, the Company was able to occupy the gaps in the marketplace and seize opportunities left behind by these larger firms. Additionally and concurrently, as regulations and capital pressures drove mergers amongst smaller players in the industry, INTL FCStone Inc. became an opportunistic consolidator executing strategic acquisitions across business lines. These acquisitions all served as part of the Company’s transition to a global financial services firm that provides a unified digital platform that offers efficient access and connectivity to all major financial markets around the world. Simultaneously, INTL FCStone Inc. worked with larger institutions to meet their growing need for an institutional-grade partner to help them execute their market strategies and serve their clients.

“Our transition to the StoneX brand signals an exciting new phase for our company and our clients. We owe all of our success to our clients, and we will continue to put them at the center of everything we do as we pursue our goal of becoming recognized as a best in class financial services franchise,” added O’Connor.