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Another low day in the markets, is the aid payment talk trigger some worries in the market place?  Waiting for trade deals to kick.  Bean funds are short going into the weekend.  Outlook forum brought no surprises.  Now what?  Ethanol margins flat, weather market heading into spring planting.  Dollar vs. real.  Livestock…hogs continue on a roller coaster-a lot of production out there, but no place to go globally.  Long term effects on the hog markets.

Higher corn, lower beans & wheat.  Corona Virus…what effects will it have on the markets.  Real and its marketing tools compared to us.  Chinese New Year.  How is that playing a tole on the markets?  Livestock-no early cash trade.  Struggle in the markets yesterday.  USMCA, cash cattle, stock markets…all playing in to the market trade.

Blahh negativity markets. Seems to be the tone for the trade this week. A lot of stock being put into this trade deal. January report…different from last year when we had no report. USMCA moving forward in the Senate. Weather in South America. Some spread activity in cattle, nothing like what we saw in yesterday’s trade. Hog market looking at China going into deep freeze for pork to feed people. Impossible Foods wanting to move into the “Pork” market & offer to Asia.