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The quarterly hogs and pigs report released by the USDA showed that in the third quarter of 2020 the US hog inventory was up 1% vs. year ago levels.

According to USDA the US inventory of all hogs and pigs on September 1, 2020 was 79.1 million head. This was up 1% from September 1, 2019, but down 1% from June 1, 2020. Breeding inventory, at 6.33 million head, was down 2% from last year, but up slightly from the previous quarter. Market hog inventory, at 72.8 million head, was up 1% percent from last year, but down 1% from last quarter. The June-August 2020 pig crop, at 35.1 million head, was down 3% from 2019. Sows farrowing during this period totaled 3.18 million head, down 3% from 2019. The sows farrowed during this quarter represented 50% of the breeding herd. The average pigs saved per litter was 11.04 for the June-August period, compared to 11.11 last year.

US hog producers intend to have 3.12 million sows farrow during the September-November 2020 quarter, down 5% from the actual farrowings during the same period one year earlier, and down 3% from the same period two years earlier. Intended farrowings for December 2020-February 2021, at 3.11 million sows, are down 1%
from the same period one year earlier, but up slightly from the same period two years earlier.

The total number of hogs under contract owned by operations with over 5,000 head, but raised by contractees, accounted for 47% of the total United States hog inventory, down 1% from the previous year.

Darrell Holaday, Country Futures, believes there is some discrepancy between the USDA data and the cash hog market. Cash hogs continue to move higher which doesn’t line up with a larger supply as the data indicates.

  • Soybeans and what the potential is for this crop
  • Situation in China includes building hogs & expanding poultry
  • South America planting is underway
  • One in six restaurants failing nationally…the next 6 months do not look good


Mike Zuzolo, Global Commodity Analytics, joins the Fontanelle Final Bell on a turn around Tuesday in the ag commodity markets. Zuzolo highlights that today’s pullback was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Still in the soybean complex it’s good to see the July contract holding the strong physiological level of ten dollars. Now the question becomes can the current run of Chinese demand and South American production workout to allow the rally to continue. Zuzolo also breaks down the current buys being made by China and how they compare in the big picture of the Phase One Trade Deal.

In the second half of the program Zuzolo talks funds in the ag commodities and livestock. Cattle may be starting to hit overbought levels despite the fact cattle seasonally are in a slump after the Labor Day holiday. The conversation ends on the importance African Swine Fever still has on the markets.

Catch the full show here:

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  • Some cattle trading at 102-does that mean a turn?
  • Are people to bearish on the cattle market
  • Hogs still traded higher at weeks end
  • Positive boar overseas with ASF
  • China continues to windrow the hogs, corn & beans
  • WASDE & Acre report numbers


Wet weather moving through the Midwest

4.00 corn a ways out on the futures but what does that mean for corn

WASDE on Friday
3 typhoons hit China the past two weeks with damage to their corn crop.
Did you know China doesn’t buy corn from Brazil.
China continues to buy US beans
Reversal in the cattle market, restocking beef time


lean hog index above $60 first time since May 28th


  • Where are we going from here?
  • What do we have for a crop size?
  • looking at past yields, what can we learn?
  • Is there a risk premium before harvest
  • South American farmers are getting ready for early planting with fwd. selling
  • big cattle supplies…is the marketing lull there
  • Will China be the big savior in the hogs?

  • Hurricane Laura
  • Lack of rain in the Midwest
  • Look for another downturn in crop ratings on Monday
  • Better chance for rain starting Friday
  • China & its corn & soybean purchases
  • Bloomberg story on soybeans & China
  • What happens after the purchases?
  • Will we see buying after January 1?
  • Cattle market trade took a hit on the futures today
  • ASF & China

  • Lock in lower prices…you might be feeding a bit
  • Weaning calves early…more expense
  • Need to buy hay
  • Cattle on feed numbers
  • Cutouts have been working on almost 13 sessions to the positive
  • Packer still have the commitment to large strings
  • Hogs saw some positive trade
  • Quiet across the board for the most part
  • Soybeans were looking for another export announcement coming from the weekend
  • Weekly crop progress report
  • Dry/hot weather
  • What happened in the drop for wheat?



  • Did see some spreading in the markets…supported wheat, not corn
  • China buys more beans…
  • Bean numbers looked good first ½ of tour…now they are getting into the disaster areas
  • Will China come in and “empty” our cupboards?
  • Rebuilding of the livestock industry in China is going to need food
  • S. has big supplies need to market
  • Basis has held better than we had thought
  • Impressive cash cattle trade this week
  • Pork product has stalled out a little bit