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Why have the markets been down so much since the phase one trade deal came out? What are some of the details of the trade deal that you found encouraging? Are there parts of the trade deal that concern you? What does the market focus on now going forward?
How does the corn export demand look? How does the corn ethanol demand look? What does it take to turn the market back higher?

How would you summarize the corn and soybean markets for 2019?
What is currently impacting the corn and soybean markets?
Trend following funds are short corn and soybean.
Palm Oil
Possible Trade Deal with China
South American Weather
Why are the funds still short the corn and soybean markets?
How is Palm Oil impacting the soybean market?
What is the latest on Trade Deal with China?
How does South American weather look?
What will marketing corn and soybeans be like in 2020?

As news unfolds of a possible trade deal with China Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners, looks at what could happen to the markets going forward.

Peterson addresses the question as to why the USDA didn’t change the corn or soybean yield in the December WASDE and what could happen in the January report. Peterson also looks at the other supply and demand factors influencing the markets and how producers may utilize the current conditions in their marketing plans.