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Coronavirus continues to have its effects on the markets.  Could we see some stimulation in the market from the world banks?  Weakness in the dollar-soon see a turn around?  Real has also been cheaper than our dollar.  Will that continue to hinder exports.  South American harvest & weather.   This is not a forever deal…the demand we have lost in the nearby will come back multiplied.  Struggles in the dairy, correction in the prices isn’t over yet.  Hog has their own struggles this week.  


Chinese trade deal waiting…part of the reason for the bean drop. Running out of steam in the markets. Buy the rumor sell the facts is the feel to the trade. Have we run the market up to much? Export numbers. Market for now is going to say its traded Phase One. Weather in South America is pretty good. Geo-political, bombings in Iran its effects on Wall Street & the dollar. Dairy side of the market has made a top. How long will the correction continue? Cattle market on the holiday slowdown. Limit down trade on the hogs.