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Looking at the frustration of turning the corner on COVID & then a trade war starts picking up. White House puts out 16-page release in regards to China. Will we see counter measures? Is China to be blamed for what is happening globally as we see countries increase pressure on China & China in turn puts tariffs in place. Torpedo’s Taiwan & soybeans. Seasonally tendencies for corn. Heading into a holiday weekend…what tone could we see come Tuesday? Strong bean shipments out of Brazil.



Is corn going to finds its way into rations with DDGs becoming less and less?  Ramifications of a snowball effect.  Revisiting delivery on corn & the crude oil futures.  These futures are deliverable, basis contracts…options expired today (Friday) for the May contracts.  What does history show for corn?  There is an ongoing pattern for corn.  What should producers be doing while holding their old crop?  How about soybeans old & new?  Record boxed beef, will that continue into next week?