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Quiet start with the livestock.  Tone of the beef is just okay…macro’s have Brad concerned just a bit.  Cash cattle.  Average weights are disturbing.  Year on year comparisons come in higher.  Is the market tired for the cattle?  Hogs continue to torment.   New virus in China-how is that going to affect the markets & heading into the Chinese New Year Celebration.  Beans took it in the shorts-is it weather in South America, corn did better but problems talked about it in a variety including wheat.


USDA WASDE Report.  Nothing friendly on the grain report.  Unicorn type of day!  Brad explains.  How do the basis numbers look?  Ethanol/DDG’s & China.    Cattle prices were higher with the hopes that the cash would see some higher Friday trade numbers.  Macro’s for the cattle not great.  Middle of a big fund role.  Negative side of the market is the cut-out value-cutting back on Saturday kills.  No real threat in the weather-does that make you nervous?  Hogs still caught in the same trading range.


Cattle saw a massive amount of fund buying on Friday.  Interesting that beef had the biggest reaction to the news about China.  Already some longs going into Friday.  Fundamentals of the cattle-weights are higher than a year ago.  Producer is asking for higher money.  Could we see some higher money in this last full trading week of 2019?  Is there some bullish feelings in cattle & are hogs too cheap?  Corn to see a rally?   Beans take a jump in the markets.  Wheat is the easiest most exportable item.  Some general comments about China.