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  • How did today’s trade surprise?
  • Strong farmer selling…lines at the elevators
  • How has the basis changed in the past couple of days?
  • Could we continue to go up?
  • South American weather
  • Ethanol demand?
  • Are the grain markets overbought?
  • Cattle…where are things at & why not a better run?

Soybeans continue to hold gains, but Tuesday may have showed some weakness in the bulls rally. Aaron Bertels with Crossroads Marketing joins the Fontanelle Final Bell to explore all aspects of the soybean trade. Including South American production and why it may not be the time to try and predict South American weather or production. Bertels also gives insight into what the current inversion of prices on the soybean futures means to farmers. 

From soybeans the conversation turns to corn and like soybeans stockpiles are an important piece to the puzzle. However there is still plenty of corn with most stock estimates holding above 1.5 billion bushels. Ethanol production continues to be sluggish in the US, but may not be that important to keeping corn above $4 in 2021. 

Bertels also shares his thoughts on what acreage intentions might look like in 2021 and how likely inflation is to hit commodities.

Catch the full conversation here:

  • Markets seeing battle between what we know & what is possible with weather
  • What is fair price?
  • WASDE report not heavily weighted on the trade.
  • Basis
  • Lower dollar
  • Will corn deal with more spillover pressure from beans?
  • CA Lockdown…how does that play into the markets?
  • Hogs remain rangebound