Unverferth has multiple options for pivot track closers | Husker Harvest Days Spotlight

September 14th, 2023

There are two options to close those pivot tracks from Unverferth Manufacturing!

➡ Orthman TRACK TILLr
➡ Blu-Jet TrackMaster II

Which one fits your needs best? Learn more about them with Justin in this video spotlight from Husker Harvest Days!

About the Orthman TRACK TILLr – The Pivot Track TILLr uses an entirely new set of tooling to bust up hard ruts, fill the track with soil, and pack it and feather out the soil surface up to 100” wide.

Blu-Jet TrackMaster II – Easy-to-use and won’t break the bank! Plus, the TrackMaster II pivot irrigation track closer and TrenchMaster drainage tile trench closers are field proven with more than 25 years of experience.