Nebraska Rural Radio Association honors Troy Smith with 2024 Service to Agriculture award

June 11th, 2024

Troy Smith spent over three decades crafting stories for and about the cattlemen and women of the Midwest.  

His dedication to finding the stories that matter, combined with his talent and passion for helping livestock producers, is what makes Troy Smith the 2024 Nebraska Rural Radio Association Service to Agriculture winner. 

“I just tried to tell stories that I thought were worth telling,” Smith said.  

Smith worked for the Nebraska Stock Growers Association for 11 years before becoming the editor of the Nebraska Cattlemen Magazine from 1983 to 1989.  

He then made a career change by becoming a freelance writer for publications across the country like the Western Horseman, Working Ranch, Tri-State Livestock, Cattle Business Weekly, and Angus Media. 

Smith covered a lot of technical topics in the livestock industry, but livestock producers relied on him to write those stories in a way that they could digest for their operations – “Cowboy lingo” as Smith puts it. 

Over his decades of reporting, it was never about accolades or status. Smith loved his career because he loves helping the men and women who feed the world. 

“That’s what I’ve tried to do is just tell stories that might help someone else. So, it’s nice to be recognized for doing that. I think that’s what we’re on Earth to do is help other people,” Smith said.  

He thanks his wife, LeeAnn; three sons, Adam, Matthew, and Nate; 8 grandchildren; and the rest of his family for their support.