NPPD: Rolling blackouts due to “combination of unfortunate events”

NPPD: Rolling blackouts due to “combination of unfortunate events”
A Nebraska livestock producer prepares for a potential power outage.
February 16th, 2021 | RRN Staff

Nebraska Public Power District provides update on outages across the state

TUESDAY | 10:30 AM – The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) provided an update on the rolling blackouts designed to conserve energy across the state.

Grant Otten, NPPD media relations specialist, said from North Dakota to the panhandle of Texas, consumers used about 43 gigawatts of electricity, which was a record for a winter month of electricity. As of Tuesday morning at 10:30 am, that number increased to 44 gigawatts.

“We don’t have enough generation to match the electricity we’re needing to supply people,” said Otten.

As a result, they are conducting emergency coordinated interruptions of service, or rolling blackouts. NPPD said these 30-minute interruptions of service occur in real-time, so they have very little, if any, notice as to where the interruptions will take place. 

NPPD said the outages should only last approximately 30 minutes.

“Once you have that outage, the idea is that’s the only one you have to experience,” said Otten.

Otten added that the natural gas supply is also causing issues with the power supply, because drivers haven’t been able to deliver gas to plants across the region.

Ultimately, Otten encourages consumers to conserve energy by unplugging small appliances or items, turning off lights, turning heat down and avoiding or reducing the use of large appliances.


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