“Best pastures in three years” Nebraska rancher grateful for rain | Fridays in the Field

June 8th, 2024

Pastures in central Nebraska are looking the best they have in three years, according to Jordan Popp, a rancher near Broken Bow.

Popp says the rain and days of sunlight has made the ideal conditions for grass growth and allowed them to turn cattle out to pasture without the concerns of previous years.

“This year has been a really good rebuilding year for pastures,” Popp said. “But that made it difficult to get in the field.”

With row crop planting now complete, Popp is turning his attention to the next challenge: cutting their alfalfa.

“We probably would’ve cut our alfalfa a good week ago—it’s been ready,” Popp explained. But with neighbors getting their hay rained on before it could be bailed Popp says they are waiting for the right window of time.

Popp said that while the rain challenges their farming, the much-needed moisture has been encouraging for ranching.

Popp made the comments as part of the weekly Rural Radio Network series Fridays in the Field. The program is brought to you by FNBO, the Great Big Small Bank.