Mornings in the Country – Max Country

Join Gene, Bryce and Alex every weekday morning from 6 – 9 AM!

Meet Gene and the Team:

Together, Gene, Bryce, and Alex create a harmonious blend of humor, honesty, and genuine camaraderie, making “Mornings in the Country” a must-listen experience that brings joy and laughter to the start of each day.


The captain of the ship. The pilot of the plane. He’s always in the driver’s seat, but sometimes he’s driving us the wrong way down a one-way. That’s Gene Curtis.

Gene originally hails from Ravenna, Nebraska, and currently lives with his son near York. Gene has been the Max Country morning man since 2017. Prior to that, he was the morning show host for the sister station, 93.1 The River in Lexington, Nebraska.

Gene has a strange sense of humor and usually laughs at the most inappropriate times. If that’s not enough, he eats gross things regularly like sardines and packets of salmon. 


Bryce is the world’s largest opponent of foods that are even remotely spicy. (Sometimes taco seasoning is a bit much for him.) Bryce is by far the most logical thinker on the morning show, and you’ll often hear him offer his blunt opinion on a story or two.

Bryce, his wife Madison, and his son Garrett, live near Panama, Nebraska. In his spare time, you can usually find him on the farm or behind the grill.


Like a freshly unwrapped Snickers bar, Alex is equal parts sweet and salty nearly every morning. While she’s kind and friendly most of the time, she can get pretty fired up (no pun intended for the tiny redhead) about a handful of topics. 

She’s a big-time dog lover, Christmas sweater enthusiast and mom-to-be. Alex and her husband ‘Other Alex’ live in Butler County and spend time farming and raising any animal she comes home with.