Senator Carol Blood Announces Run for Nebraska Governor

Senator Carol Blood Announces Run for Nebraska Governor
September 13th, 2021 | Carol Blood for Governor

(Lincoln, NE) – Today, Sept. 13, 2021, Nebraska State Senator Carol Blood stood on the north steps of the State Capitol and announced she would run in the upcoming election for Nebraska Governor.

“I stand before you today to say that we have become a country where the narrative has become ‘us versus them.’ Contempt, distrust and fear are poisoning our society,” Blood said.

She continued, “I know we can do better and see opportunities for effective change. We can begin to make things better by building relationships and bridging these divides. We can transform division and contempt into understanding and connection. We can and will move the needle if we remember that the first thing we must do for this to happen is to listen first to understand. We do not need to agree or disagree, we need only to listen to each other.

Throughout Blood’s speech she emphasized lifting up all Nebraskans and shared ways to defeat toxic polarization so Nebraska can begin to heal its neighborhoods, communities and state. She asked that people join her in getting back to Nebraska’s roots and stop using labels that add to divisive language.

Blood also talked about policy that brings prosperity to all Nebraskans; exposing the history of property taxes so the state can start preparing long-term solutions not simply shift the tax burden; policy that allows Nebraska to maintain public safety and improve public health; policy that protects taxpayers’ investment in the state’s infrastructure to provide dependable transportation services to our residents and support farmers and businesses; and to continue to encourage educational opportunities that foster quality, fairness and equity.

The text of today’s speech is attached for your convenience as is a headshot. You can view the campaign’s official website at


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