Midwest sheep and goat market report for the week of November 26th

Midwest sheep and goat market report for the week of November 26th
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November 26th, 2022 | Clay Patton

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The report looks a little different this week as sales were thin leading up to Thanksgiving. So I combined last week’s sales and the few sales I could find for this week. For the week ending November 26th the Midwest sheep and goat market was steady with higher undertones last week on prime slaughter lambs. The goat market for lightweight slaughter goats topped $400/cwt again in a few sales last week. This week Centennial livestock did note some $8-$10/cwt drop for most slaughter lambs. I’m not looking too far into that drop and chalking it up to a holiday week that likely saw thinner seller and buyer volume. 

Overall the market seems to be picking up some steam coming into the end of 2022. Which seasonally they typically do this time of year. We are still below last year’s lamb prices and as we’ve talked about before this seems to be coming from higher imports of lamb into the US to offset domestic production and price. USDA did release the latest cold storage numbers earlier this week. Lamb saw the largest drop in stocks held in commercial cold storage. According to USDA the US currently has about 28.5 million pounds of lamb and mutton in commercial cold storage. That is down 2.5 million pounds from last month. 28.5 million pounds is an increase of 1.4 million pounds from last year though. Even with the slight yearly increase we are still more than 12 million pounds less in commercial cold storage than we were prior to 2020. Other looks at the market, we are through Thanksgiving now and in the past have seen a slight pullback in the market through the first or second week of December. That will be something we closely monitor for the next couple of weeks. That isn’t a given though we could see the market hold steady or even try to edge higher as we head for the first of the year. 

Looking into early 2023 ethnic holidays that may help to give a boost to the market include; Ramadan month of fasting from March 22nd to April 20th, Passover April 5th, Roman Easter is April 9th and Orthodox Easter is April 16th.

Highlighted quotes this week include Columbus Sales Pavilion in Nebraska selling 6 head of feeder wool lambs weighing 59 lbs for $282.50/cwt or $167/hd. Columbus also sold 17 boer wether goats weighing 103 lbs for $267/hd or $259/cwt. Columbus also sold 5 boer bucks for $442/hd average. Colby Livestock in Kansas sold 5 42 lb boer feeder goats for $400/cwt or $168/hd. Colby also sold 23 head of 81 lbs slaughter goats for $292.50/cwt or $237/hd. Centennial Livestock in Colorado sold 40 head of 76 lb hair lambs for $211/cwt or $160/hd. The upper end of the draft brought $245/cwt or $186/hd. Centennial also sold 38 head of 62 lb wool lambs for $225/cwt or $139.50/hd. Centennial also sold a slaughter goat buck weighing 167 lbs for $275/cwt or $460/hd. Producers Livestock in Texas sold 11 head of 1-2 yr old breeding hair ewes weighing 82 lbs for $160/hd. Producers also sold 10 head of 43 lb hair lambs for $330/cwt or $142/hd. Sioux Falls Regional Livestock sold 12 head of 2-4 yr old breeding does weighing 91 lbs for $205/hd. Sioux falls also sold 50 head of wether goats weighing 103 lbs for $265/cwt or $345/hd. The upper end of the draft brought $305/cwt or $396.50/hd.

Here is a regional price range from all sales in the report. 

Wool lambs

20-40 lbs N/A

40-70 lbs $165-$290/cwt

70lbs & up $140-$285/cwt

Hair lambs

20-40 lbs $192-$330/cwt

40-70 lbs $165-$365/cwt

70 lbs and up $140-$245/cwt

Wool ewes 

Stocker N/A

Slaughter $50-$120/cwt

Rams $55-$110/cwt

Hair Ewes 

Replacement $150-$260/hd

Slaughter $55-$140/hd

Hair Rams $100-$163/cwt

Kid Goats

20-40 lbs $195-$405/cwt

40-70 lbs $200-$400/cwt

70 lbs & up $200-$330cwt


70 lbs & up $210-$305/cwt


Slaughter medium-fleshy $125-$280/hd

Replacement $130-$320/HD 


Slaughter $150-$300/cwt

Breeding $250-$442/hd


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