Carol Blood and her run for Governor

Carol Blood and her run for Governor
Courtesy of Margaret Stamp, communications director for Senator Blood
September 29th, 2022 | Jon Willis

Senator Carol Blood is currently running her campaign to try and become the next Governor of Nebraska. With Pete Ricketts time at the helm coming to a close, she wants to see some change at the top.

Blood will be running as the representative of the Democratic Party. She is currently serving as a Senator of Nebraska, where she represents District 3 in Sarpy County. Blood will be running against Republican nominee Jim Pillen.

Blood was not originally planning to run for Governor of Nebraska, but changed her mind when she realized what she could offer the state.

“When the primary happened, it was clear to me that someone needed to be the adult in the room,” Blood said. “When I look at a problem, I look at it more as an opportunity and what we can do to fix them.”

So far throughout the campaign, Blood has heavily pushed for a debate, but up to this point, Pillen has declined to hold one.

“How is that part of Democracy?” Blood said. “They won’t even allow the voters to see a side by side, to see our values, our views on things, and to share what our plan is.”

The main thing that Blood is trying to market in her campaign is her want to improve the lives of rural Nebraskans. She knows that agriculture and the rural part of Nebraska is what makes the state goes, and that’s what she has been mainly pushing throughout her campaign. She has traveled throughout the state, to all different parts of Nebraska, to show the voters that she wants to be there for them.

Throughout her campaign, Blood has mentioned four specific pillars that she wants to try and achieve with her time in office. She wants to encourage education, invest in Nebraska’s infrastructure, maintain public safety and improve public health, and prosperity for all Nebraskans.

“I’m Nebraska born and raised, I know what it is like to struggle, I know how hard it is for farmers right now, and I know we can do better,” Blood said. “I really hope that people take a serious look at who is running for office, and if there are looking for something better and not what they have had for the last 25 years, then I am the candidate.”

Recently, Nebraskans for Carol Blood has been distributing a campaign periodical to Nebraskans titled, “The Changing Times-Nebraska’s Voice of Reason.” More than 57,000 copies have been distributed in rural communities.

Former Nebraska State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Al Davis is urging Nebraskans to take a closer look at Blood and what she could do for Nebraska.

“Blood, who was raised on her family’s farm in rural Adams County, wants to help small producers
remain competitive in a changing marketplace,” Davis said. “Who introduced that resolution? Carol Blood. It wasn’t one of the rural senators.”

The election will take place on November 8th, make sure to go out and vote!


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