Gothenburg “Spectacular Blast” Campaign

Greers launch Spectacular Blast Campaign
Gary and Cozy Greer have taken it upon themselves to raise money for a computerized fireworks firing system for the Gothenburg Volunteer Fire Department.
The Spectacular Blast Campaign supports GVFD firefighters so they can continue to provide safer and more spectacular fireworks for the community Independence Day celebration. For years, the GVFD has worked very hard to provide outstanding fireworks for Independence Day. They have unselfishly ignited the displays manually, which can be unsafe and labor intensive. The Greers are raising $10,000 to purchase a computerized fireworks firing system for the fire department to increase safety and place less burden on our firefighters.
Advantages of a computerized fireworks firing system:
  • Safer to operate
  • Allows for chorography of firing sequences
  • Less time requirement to set up and operate
  • Allows for music synchronization
Please consider showing your support to improve our commitment to the GVFD and the Independence Day Celebration. Donate online by clicking HERE or drop of cash/check at Gothenburg City Hall. For more information, email Gary at


May 14 2021


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