Ogallala Livestock Auction Market

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Ogallala Livestock Auction Market strives to provide you with the kind of service you deserve as a livestock business person and a friend.​

Over the past 64 years, Ogallala Livestock Auction Market has dedicated itself to helping the cattlemen of this area receive the true market price for their livestock, and we continue to stand ready to help establish true market value, whatever your program may be. We take pride and value in customer service, with honesty and integrity, our way of life and business.
We realize producers have a choice when it come times to buy and sell livestock. We are dedicated to making sure that producers can take advantage of the free enterprise system in the best way possible.

Reliable Local Marketing Service

Which you are assured of the sorting and handling of your livestock to insure top market value with competitive live bidding for all classes of livestock, reputation exposure and widespread advertising on a weekly basis. This method will insure nothing less than the true market value for your livestock on a given day.​

Video Marketing

Another service we have available for the customer who feels this method would better serve their needs.

Private Treaty Sales

Home is another service that can be arranged through a representative of our firm. we will advertise your cattle on our web site with your asking price. This option gives you the opportunity to negotiate other terms or conditions with the buyers.

Live Internet Cattle Auctions

Buyers, feedlot owners, farmers, and ranchers who are not able to attend a sale can view and bid on cattle selling at Ogallala Livestock Auction. This is real-time and is viewable from computers anywhere in the country. This gives a competitive advantage to the livestock market. Pre-registration is required prior to sale to bid online go to: http://www.cattleusa.com

With our services we have available, we can help you maximize your marketing potential. Give us a call, we are always more than happy to come to your place and visit with you about your livestock and help you market them in a way that will bring you top dollar.​