Fairview Cemetery Memorial Weekend

The City of Scottsbluff Parks and Recreation Department would like to announce that the
Cemetery office will be closed during the Memorial Day weekend, and Memorial Day.
Fairview Cemetery is located at 4109 5th Ave., Scottsbluff. The cemetery is open for
visitors from sunrise until sunset. The City will allow flowers and adornments to be placed
on the graves 10 days prior to, and 10 days following Memorial Day. The deadline for
removing decorations is the end of the day Thursday, June 8, 2023. A reminder that all
permanent flower arrangements or adornments must be part of the monument in an
approved vase. Cemetery staff, following the June 8, 2023 deadline, will remove all
decoration not in compliance with cemetery rules. For a list of cemetery rules, or to view
the cemetery directory please go to the city’s web site at www.scottsbluff.org , under
cemetery in the department tab or stop by the cemetery office.


May 27 - 29 2023


Fairview Cemetery
4109 5th Ave, Scottsbluff, NE