Bridgeport Schools Superintendent and Wife Leaving at School Year’s End

January 24th, 2023

Bridgeport Public Schools will be seeking to fill two vacancies as Superintendent Chuck Lambert and his wife, teacher Jaylene Lambert, will be leaving at the end of this June.

The Bridgeport Schools Board of Education last week accepted the resignations of the couple as Chuck Lambert becomes a new Superintendent for the Rose Hill, Kansas School District.

Lambert told KNEB News was a combination of factors the helped them make the decision to leave BPS, including being closer to their daughter.

“That’s a big part of it, but I actually turn 55 and can draw my Nebraska retirement next year. I couldn’t stay in the state and get my Nebraska retirement, and this way I can do both,” said Lambert. “When you look at retirement, and you look at grand kids, you just go “Okay!” Lambert says the couple is expecting their first grandchild in July.

Among those things he’s most proud of during his time at Bridgeport are completion of the school building, and the record of academic excellence the students have achieved.

Lambert says he will always have fond memories of the community, and while he hopes a new superintendent will make the office their own while keeping the kids best interests at heart, the District may find it more difficult to find Jaylene’s successor.

“She’s been teaching Business, Senior Seminar and Elementary Keyboarding here for the last seven years or so, and she did Spanish and Minatare and Bayard just before that. So, she’s still planning on trying to find something in education down there, she also has her Masters in Administration. So, we’re both very excited, and I think the District actually might miss her more, it might be more difficult to find a replacement for what she does than me,” Lambert said, ending the comment with a laugh.

Lambert says Rose Hill is about the same size of school district as Scottsbluff, and he’s looking forward to the challenge.