Kinder-Carding Kicks Off at Lied Scottsbluff Public Library

Kinder-Carding, a campaign to introduce Scottsbluff kindergarten children to the library, is currently underway. Deb Carlson and Elaine Bleisch from the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library are visiting Scottsbluff kindergarten classes, this week to issue a special invitation for students to visit the library and get their first library card. Although Carlson and Bleisch visit only Scottsbluff schools, all area kindergartners are invited to visit the library to receive a library card and special incentives. In addition to getting their first library card, children who make the trip to the library will receive a “BEE A READER” book bag, “Bonkers for Books” head band, yoyo, knobby ball, ruler and pencil, courtesy of the sponsors. Parents will also receive coupons for bringing their child. This year as a special incentive, the first 100 Kindergartners to visit the library and get their library card will be receive a Squeeze Sparkle Banana prize. The Kinder-Carding project which was initiated in 1994 as a joint effort of the library and the Star Herald is celebrating its 27 th year. Perkins Restaurant also became a sponsor three years ago. Although there is a special emphasis right now, the Kinder-Carding program will continue throughout the end of the school year. Carlson said, “As children and their parents visit the library, they take on ownership and this lays a foundation for future learning. Last year, over 100 kindergartners came to the library to get their cards, tour the library and receive their surprises. With Covid 19 bringing new challenges to the library, it is exciting to be able to actually visit the schools and have children come in to visit us.” For more information concerning the Kinder-Carding program, contact the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library at 630-6250 or visit the library’s Facebook page.


Apr 14 2021


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