Halfway Done! Nebraska Farmer’s 2023 Crop Planting Progress Update

May 10th, 2023

Join the Rural Radio Network for this progress update on the 2023 planting season!

In this segment, a farmer from southeast Nebraska shares that he is halfway done with planting his corn and soybean crops.

Darren Meinke, a farmer east of Crete, Nebraska, talks about his progress and the challenges he is facing with the ongoing drought.

Darren also shared information about his cow/half herd and the strategies he is using to ensure optimal health. As part of his management, he is growing a rye mix in the field, specifically designed as a cover crop. This rye mix serves a dual purpose – it acts as a protective covering for the soil during the off-season and provides a grazing opportunity for his cattle before they are moved to the pasture.

By allowing his cattle to graze on the cover crop, Darren not only maximizes the utilization of his resources but also provides his animals a May feed source.