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AUDIO: KAPPA Ethanol Crop Progress Report For The Week Of August 3 | Rural Radio Network

AUDIO: KAPPA Ethanol Crop Progress Report For The Week Of August 3

AUDIO: KAPPA Ethanol Crop Progress Report For The Week Of August 3

The first crop progress report of August shows a corn and soybean crop that is still strong and in one case improving. Row crops are also quickly entering important stages of production. Winter wheat harvest continues to lag in Northern states. While oat harvest is is almost to the halfway point. Pasture and range condition looks to be holding rather than the deteriorating, like it was just a few weeks ago. Finally moisture levels continue to increase in several Midwestern states.

Starting in the corn crop, first up is silking. Nationwide 92% of the crop has reached the silking stage. That is up 10% from a week ago and is 5% ahead of the five year average. States like Nebraska almost have the whole corp silking or silked at 94%. That is up 3% from the five year average. Kansas corn is keeping close pace with it’s 5 year average at 90% silking. Iowa corn is now rated 95% silked, up 3% from the 5 year average.

Corn entering the dough stage is moving right along, up 17% week to 39% across the country. That is 6% ahead of the 5 year average. Nebraska corn is now 43% in the dough stage, up 12% from the 5 year average. Iowa is just ahead of Nebraska at 44% in the dough stage. Kansas is ahead of both Iowa and Nebraska at 53% in the dough stage. That is 12% ahead of the Kansas 5 year average.

As for corn and soybean condition some may be surprised to not see a decrease for this week. Nationally the corn crop condition remained unchanged at 72% good to excellent. Iowa was again one of the few major corn producing states to see a decline of 4% to 73% good to excellent. Nebraska corn improved another 2% to 77% good to excellent. Kansas corn improved 1% to 61% good to excellent. After an 11% increase last week Illinois corn slowed down and only improved 2% this week to 74% good to excellent.

Now for soybeans we start with soybeans that are blooming and that would be about 85% of the national soybean crop. That is just ahead of the 5 year average of 82%. Nebraska has 95% of it’s soybeans blooming. That is up 8% from the 5 year average. Kansas soybeans are now 79% in the bloom stage. That is up 9% from the five year average. Iowa soybeans have the end in sight for blooming now 91% complete. That is up 5% from the Iowa 5 year average.

Just like corn in the dough stage soybeans setting pods really increased week to week. Nationwide 59% of the soybean crop has put on pods. In Iowa 70% of the soybeans have put on pods. That is up 13% from the 5 year average. Nebraska has 64% of the soybean crop putting on pods. Kansas has 55% of it’s soybean crop putting on pods. That is a full 20% ahead of the 5 year average.

Breaking away from corn this week is the soybean condition rating. Which nationwide improved 1% to 73% good to excellent. Illinois remained unchanged week to week at 76% good to excellent. Kansas improved 1% to 68% good to excellent. Iowa and Nebraska both declined in soybean condition ratings. Nebraska soybeans dropped 1% to 79% good to excellent. Iowa soybeans dropped 3% to 73% good to excellent.

Oat harvest is about to cross the halfway mark at 49% complete. That is 6% higher than the 5 year average for oat harvest. Nebraska farmers have harvested 92% of the oat crop. Well ahead of the 5 year average of 81%. Iowa has harvested 85% of their oat crop. Similar to Nebraska Iowa has left it’s 5 year average for oat harvest behind at 74%.

Like soybeans nationally the oat crop improved 1% to 62% good to excellent. Iowa oats are rated 73% good to excellent. Nebraska oats are rated 61% good to excellent.

The sorghum crop is quickly coming along and looking fairly decent. Nationally the sorghum crop is rated 55% good to excellent. That is a 2% increase week to week. Nebraska soybeans top the nation’s crop condition rating at 64% good to excellent.

Winter wheat harvest is now over the three quarter mark, but slowing down. According to NASS 85% of winter wheat harvest is complete. That trails the 5 year average by 3%. Nebraska is soon to join the likes of Texas and Kansas at 96% complete. Northern states like Montana continue to slow the overall progress of wheat harvest with only 20% of the corp harvested. That compares to the 5 year average of 52% harvested. Washington is also well off pace at 33% harvested, compared to 48% on the 5 year average.

Pasture and range conditions were mixed this week as compared to last week’s gain. Nebraska pasture declined 1% to 59% good to excellent. Kansas pasture and range improved 1% to 53% good to excellent.

Soil moisture though continues to increase across much of the Midwest with recent rains. Nebraska topsoil moisture improved 4% to 63% adequate to surplus. Kansas topsoil moisture improved 11% to 81% adequate to surplus. Nebraska subsoil improved 2% to 64% adequate to surplus. Kansas subsoil improved 8% to 77% adequate to surplus.

You can see all of the NASS crop condition numbers here:

Clay Patton audio report:


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