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EPA Approves Label Change That Expands Use of New Pest Control Technology in Feedlots | Rural Radio Network

EPA Approves Label Change That Expands Use of New Pest Control Technology in Feedlots

EPA Approves Label Change That Expands Use of New Pest Control Technology in Feedlots
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SenesTech, Inc.   announced today that the U. S. Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) has approved a label change for ContraPest@, SenesTech’s

innovative product for controlling rodent infestations through

fertility control. This label change expands the areas and

circumstances under which ContraPest@ may be used, including the use

in feedlots and other agricultural settings with man-made structures.

“Together with our existing approved usage, including indoor non-food

areas, this extends our ability to serve the pest management

professional, who can now deploy ContraPest@ around the perimeter of

any man-made structure, not just buildings.

This is essential to our ability to serve feedlots, protein production

facilities and many other agricultural settings that so urgently are

seeking sustainable and effective alternatives to poisons,” said Dr.

Loretta P. Mayer, SenesTech’s co-founder and CEO.

Dr. Mayer continued, “Nationwide, the USDA reports there are more than

2,000 cattle feedlots with over 1,000 head per feedlot. We hear that

rat infestations cause a 10-20% reduction in yield or profit, and

further that existing strategies are not effective. We believe this

represents a clear value statement for the deployment of ContraPest@.

While the cost of a ContraPest@ deployment might cost from $100,000 to

$800,000 per year, the yield improvement and cost savings to the

customer might be in the millions.”

“Specifically, within SenesTech’s home state of Arizona,” Mayer

continued, “the Department of Agriculture has confirmed that

ContraPest@ is now allowable for use in the feed yards when used

according to the label instructions. In Arizona alone, there are over

80 feedlots, for which we have dedicated a sales executive, and have

begun responding to this new demand with proposals.”

About SenesTech

SenesTech has developed an innovative technology for managing animal

pest populations through fertility control as opposed to a lethal


ContraPest’s novel technology and approach targets the reproductive

capabilities of both sexes in rat populations, inducing egg loss in

female rats and impairing sperm development in males. Using a

proprietary bait delivery method, ContraPest@ is dispensed in a highly

palatable liquid formulation that promotes sustained consumption by

rat communities. ContraPest@ is designed, formulated and dispensed to

be low hazard for handlers and non-target species such as wildlife,

livestock and pets, where the active ingredients break down rapidly,

unlike rodenticides. In contrast, the historical approach to managing

rat pest populations, rodenticides, carries a high risk of

environmental contamination and the poisoning of non-target animals,

pets and children. ContraPest@ is a Restricted Use product.

We believe our innovative non-lethal approach, targeting reproduction,

is more humane, less harmful to the environment, and more effective in

providing a sustainable solution to pest infestations than traditional

lethal pest management methods.  We believe ContraPest@ will establish

a new paradigm in rodent control, resulting in improved performance in

rodent control over rodenticides, without the negative environmental

effects of rodenticides.

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